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Franchise W‑L‑T Pct PF Div W‑L‑T
Sacramento Mountain Lions Sacramento Mountain Lions 0‑0‑0.000 0 0‑0‑0
Central Valley Coyotes Central Valley Coyotes 0‑0‑0.000 0 0‑0‑0
LA Xtreme LA Xtreme 0‑0‑0.000 0 0‑0‑0
Arizona Hotshots Arizona Hotshots 0‑0‑0.000 0 0‑0‑0
Franchise W‑L‑T Pct PF Div W‑L‑T
San Antonio Gunslingers San Antonio Gunslingers 0‑0‑0.000 0 0‑0‑0
San Antonio Commanders San Antonio Commanders 0‑0‑0.000 0 0‑0‑0
Oklahoma Outlaws Oklahoma Outlaws 0‑0‑0.000 0 0‑0‑0
Florida Tuskers Florida Tuskers 0‑0‑0.000 0 0‑0‑0
Franchise W‑L‑T Pct PF Div W‑L‑T
Buffalo All-Americans Buffalo All-Americans 0‑0‑0.000 0 0‑0‑0
Orlando Thunder Orlando Thunder 0‑0‑0.000 0 0‑0‑0
Tampa Bay Bandits Tampa Bay Bandits 0‑0‑0.000 0 0‑0‑0
Scottish Claymores Scottish Claymores 0‑0‑0.000 0 0‑0‑0
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2020 League ChampionBuffalo All-Americans
2020 Second Place OverallCentral Valley Coyotes
Week 1 NFL Schedule
Thu Sep 9 8:20:00 p.m. ET 2021
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Sun Sep 12 1:00:00 p.m. ET 2021
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(Box Score)
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Sun Sep 12 4:05:00 p.m. ET 2021
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Sun Sep 12 4:25:00 p.m. ET 2021
(Box Score)
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Sun Sep 12 8:20:00 p.m. ET 2021
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Mon Sep 13 7:15:00 p.m. ET 2021
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Mon Sep 13 10:10:00 p.m. ET 2021
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Most Added Players
RankPlayerBye WeekRosterPct Added
1Moss, Thaddeus CIN TE (Q) FA3.97
2Perine, Samaje CIN RB  FA2.21
3Boone, Mike DEN RB  FA2.16
4Reyes, Sammis WAS TE (R)  FA2.10
5Taylor, Tyrod HOU QB  San Antonio Gunslingers1.19
6Firkser, Anthony TEN TE  San Antonio Gunslingers1.13
7Williams, Trayveon CIN RB  FA1.05
8Heinicke, Taylor WAS QB (Q) FA1.02

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Most Dropped Players
RankPlayerBye WeekRosterPct Dropped
1Edelman, Julian FA WR  LA Xtreme21.05
2Smith, Alex FA QB  FA18.35
3Brees, Drew FA QB  San Antonio Commanders7.89
4Smith, Ito FA RB  San Antonio Gunslingers7.09
5Rivers, Philip FA QB  FA6.81
6Hansen, Chad FA WR  FA4.82
7Reed, Jordan FA TE  Oklahoma Outlaws3.77
8Gallman, Wayne FA RB  Central Valley Coyotes3.55
9Amendola, Danny FA WR  San Antonio Gunslingers3.55
10Byrd, Damiere FA WR  Orlando Thunder3.40

Hint: Percentages are based on total leagues that performed add/drops during the period. The Bye Week column indicates players going to a bye week, so they are more likely to be dropped this week.

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A Fantasy Sports Alliance – Defunct Dynasty League (FSA-DDL) will consist of 12 teams per league. Each league will be filled on a first come first served basis. Meaning, the first 12 to pay their membership/entry fee will represent a league, and so on. FSA-DDLs will be themed and competition will take place between defunct professional football teams chosen by their owner. All players on a team’s roster will carry over from season to season. An entry fee will be collected from all coaches. The coaches will play for an annual payout and a progressive pot will be carried over each year and paid to the team that wins consecutive championships.


FSA-DDL competition will take place on MyFantasyLeague (MFL).


Each member will pay a $100 entry fee each season prior to the league renewal deadline on (1 March 2021).


GMs, in the second year of their Dynasty franchise (2021), will select rookies and free agents during a straight draft. A straight draft means the draft order will be the same for each round. The Rookie and Free Agent draft will last four rounds and will begin on 8 May 2021 at noon ET. The draft will be a long draft with each team getting 6 hours per pick. The clock will pause overnight from midnight ET until 6am ET when the clock resumes. Prior to the start of the Rookie and Free Agent draft, each team’s roster will be increased by four roster spots to 32 to accommodate the draft. Trading draft picks is allowed. See TRADES for more details.

The draft order for the Rookie and Free Agent draft will be determined as follows:

  • Picks 1-8 will be decided by regular season potential points among non-playoff teams. The picks will go in order of lowest potential points to the 8th lowest potential points. Potential Points are the amount of points a team would have scored each week if they had set a perfect lineup. This will keep teams from benching their star players in hopes of “tanking” and earning a better draft position.
  • Pick 9 will go to the 4th place finisher following the consolation game.  
  • Pick 10 will go to the 3rd place finisher following the consolation game. 
  • Pick 11 will go to the runner-up of the DDL Bowl.
  • Pick 12 will go to the DDL Bowl Champion.


The maximum roster size is 28 players; except between the dates of 1 March (beginning of the season) and 1 September (rosters reduced to 28 to prepare for the upcoming season). Between these dates, roster limits are expanded to 32.


    Each FSA-DDL will consist of 12 teams, which will be divided into three divisions of four teams each. These Divisions will be labeled West – Central – East. Teams will be placed into the division that corresponds with their defunct team’s location in relation to the other teams in the league.
    The regular season begins on Week 1 of the NFL season and concludes at the end of Week 14 of the NFL season. Each team will play their divisional opponents twice for a total of six games and each team outside their division once (eight games) for a total of 14 games. The Playoffs will consist of four teams; the three division winners and the highest scoring remaining team (not necessarily the fourth-place team). The semi-final round of the playoffs will take place during Week 15 of the NFL schedule and the DDL Bowl will take place during Week 16 of the NFL schedule. Also played during Week 16 of the NFL schedule will be consolation game between the two teams eliminated in the semi-final round for seasonal payout purposes.
    All teams are comprised of 28 players (10 starters and 18 bench players), as follows:
    • 1 Quarterback
    • 2 Running Backs
    • 3 Wide Receivers
    • 1 Tight End
    • 1 Super Flex (QB, RB, WR, TE)
    • 2 Flex (RB, WR, TE)
    • 18 Bench Spots
    • Passing
      .04 points for every yard passing (equals 1 point for every 25 yards)
      6 points for every passing touchdown
      2 points for every 2-point conversion
      -1 minus one point for every sack against
      -2 minus two points for every interception
      -2 minus two points for every lost fumble
    • Rushing
      .10 points for every yard rushing (equals 1 point for every 10 yards)
      .5 points for each rushing First Down
      6 points for every rushing touchdown
      2 points for every 2-point conversion
      -2 minus two points for every lost fumble
    • Receiving
      .10 points for every yard receiving (equals 1 point for every 10 yards)
      6 points for every receiving touchdown
      .5 point for each reception by QBs, RBs, and WRs
      1 point for each reception by TEs
      .5 points for each receiving First Down
      2 points for every 2-point conversion
      -2 minus two points for every lost fumble
    Trading is allowed. Trading is allowed at the beginning of each season (1 March) until the trade deadline. The trade deadline will be the kickoff of Week 11 each season. Draft picks can be traded, but no more than one year into the future (i.e. in the year 2021, you can only trade picks for the 2021 and 2022 seasons). If you are trading a future first-round draft pick, you must pay the league fee ($100) for that future season.
    The FSA-DDL will utilize a Free Agent Acquisition Budget (FAAB) Blind-Bidding waiver system. Each owner begins the year with a $100 FAAB budget to place blind bids on waived players. This budget is for in-season and off-season waivers. This is ALL the budget you receive for the entire year. Left over budgets will carry over to the next season. To pick a player who is on waivers, a minimum bid of $1 must be made. The owner with the highest bid will acquire the player. If two or more owners bid equal amount on the same player, the earliest bid submitted will acquire the player. Waivers will run weekly on Wednesday (Time TBD) starting after the annual rookie and free agent draft. After each waiver claim period is complete, first-come-first-served (FCFS) players will be available for pick-up. All FCFS transactions are $0 and nothing will be deducted from a team’s FAAB balance. Rosters will freeze for all teams after Week 16 of the NFL Schedule. The blind-bidding waiver system continues during the playoffs in Weeks 14-16, even for teams who did not make the playoffs. No free agent pickups can be made between the end of Week 16 and the annual rookie and free agent draft. See the SCHEDULE OF LEAGUE OPERATIONS for more details.


  • $100 entry fee
  • Annual DDL Bowl champion: $500
  • Annual DDL Bowl runner-up: $250
  • Annual 3rd place: $150
  • Annual 4th place: $100
  • Progressive Pot: $100


  • League Renewal Deadline: 1 March each season
  • Trading begins: 1 March
  • Roster sizes increased to 32 to prepare for the upcoming Rookie and Free Agent Draft: Prior to DDL Annual Rookie and Free Agent Draft
  • Annual Rookie and Free Agent Draft: 8 May, after the NFL Draft
  • Waivers begin: Wednesday after the annual rookie and free agent draft
  • Rosters reduced to 28 in preparation of upcoming season: 1 September
  • Trade deadline: Kickoff of Week 11 each season
  • Rosters freeze: After Week 16
Live Scoring
Live Scoring Not Available Until The Season Starts
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League Draft: Sat May 8 12:00:00 p.m. ET 2021

Sat, 8 May 2021 12:00:00 UTC-0400

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On Sat May 8 12:00:00 p.m. ET 2021
In About 17 days, 15 hours, 1 minute
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FranchiseTotal Wait TimeAvg. Wait Time# Picks

 Round 1 | Round 2 | Round 3 | Round 4 | Round 5

1.01 – Hotshots, Patrick Mahomes - A

Brian B: This was a no brainer pick for GM Hunter Garth. In a 6pt per passing TD super-flex league, you must go grab arguably the best QB in the came currently. Despite missing two games last year and finishing 9th in this year’s scoring system against last year’s stats, you can’t deny the ‘A’ grade here.

1.02 – Claymores, Christian McCaffrey - A

Brian B: CMC has gone 1 or 2 in every FSA Defunct Dynasty Draft this season. GM Justin Cliburn’s only concern at pick #2 was who was going to go #1 overall so he could get the other guy. Even with the ‘A’ grade, I am concerned with the workload that is going to be put on CMC again this year. A great redraft pick, but what will the reps due to him in dynasty.

1.03 – Gunslingers, Ezekiel Elliott - B

Brian B: This pick was no surprise to me as this is “homer” pick for GM Armando Gutierrez. Mando has had early picks in each season he has played in FSA and he always drafts Zeke. This dynasty draft was no different. Although Zeke is undeniably a great RB, I felt there were other players on the board that could have gone ahead of him here.

1.04 – Xtreme, Lamar Jackson - A

Brian B: As mentioned above, this is one of those picks that should have gone ahead of Zeke. GM Joshua Lorenzo had to be super pleased to see Jackson “fall” to him at 4. I believe the rushing numbers will regress for Jackson this year; however, even with the regression, he averaged almost 4 points more per game than CMC last year under this year’s scoring system. Jackson also has youth on his side. Amazing value at 1.04.

1.05 – Federals, Tua Tagovailoa - D

Brian B: The Charlie Draft has been over for two weeks now, and I am still scratching my head at this pick. Considering Tua was drafted at 29, 57, and 69, there was plenty of time on the board to wait and make this selection. I know that many are praising Tua; however, I have never been impressed with his college play and now add his injury recovery to my dismay. My honest assessment, he will never amount to much in the NFL and won’t be around the league, at least not as a starter, beyond his rookie contract. The NFL is too fast for his style of play and add he now has mobility issues due to the injury.

1.06 – All-Americans, Saquon Barkley - A

Brian B: GM Eric Talbot had to be jumping for joy to see Barkley fall to him at 6. Despite missing three games last year and finishing 38th in scoring based on this year’s system, he averaged 19 points per game when on the field. This put him in 18th in average points per game, based on the current scoring system. This is not indicative of his abilities, however. The biggest boosts for Saquon this year will be a healthy 16 games and QB Daniel Jones’ play after being in the system for another year. A great pick all the way at 6.

1.07 – Generals, Michael Thomas - A

Brian B: At 7, GM Kevyn Godwin had watched the top-tier players at QB and RB go ahead of him. Rather than take a player at those positions in the next tier, he grabbed the best WR on the board. Thomas finished 5th in scoring last season based on the 2020 scoring system. The second-best scoring WR finished 26th. Godwin must feel good about this pick for 2020 and the future.

1.08 – Coyotes, Dalvin Cook - C

Brian B: The good thing about making these assessments two weeks after the draft is over is hearing NFL News that could be affecting your FSA Team. Cook recently reported he will not participate in any team activities until he receives a contract he feels is worthy of his talents. I don’t have a problem with Cook being the 4th RB off the board, but I feel like he should have fell behind some of the QBs that will be mentioned here shortly. If he does decide to hold out, it’s almost like GM Jared Gordon didn’t even get a first round pick, and this is disturbing for 2020. It is a marathon however, and hopefully Cook will get his pay day.

1.09 – Commanders, Derrick Henry - B

Brian B: As far as RBs are concerned in a half-point PPR league, Henry shouldn’t even be in discussion as a first-round pick. However, he was selected in the first-round of EVERY FSA Defunct Dynasty Draft this season. Much like CMC, I worry about the workload that will be put on Henry in 2020. Henry is without a doubt a second half of the season RB, but will he already be wore out by the time the Titans reach Week 9 of the season? GM Erica Gutierrez certainly hopes not. He does get a bump to a grade of B; however, due to last year’s running title and that sticks in many players’ minds.

1.10 – Mountain Lions, Deshaun Watson - B

Brian B: Deshaun Watson with DeAndre Hopkins still on the roster might have landed an ‘A’ here, but there are just too many unknowns with D-Hop now gone. Watson has never played without the great WR so no one knows what to expect. He is still a great QB and will only be 25-years-old at the beginning of the season. Hopefully, Houston has a plan beyond 2020 for the team and GM Edward Wright will be reminding us of this analysis in 2021.

1.11 – Tuskers, Alvin Kamara - A

Brian B: The Tuskers and GM David Hinkle took what was probably the last RB in tier two with this pick and you can’t blame him for doing so at this spot. Kamara has caught exactly 81 balls each of the three seasons he has been in the league thus far. That equates to 2.5 points each game just in receptions. With Latavius Murray on the team to give Kamara rest when he needs it, I anticipate another great season from Kamara.

1.12 – Outlaws, Dak Prescott - B

Brian B: The Cowboys added weapons for Dak this season, which should allow him to spread the ball around. While that is good for the Outlaws and GM Metric Dunnings, it is bad for anyone with Cowboys receivers. The off-season contract shenanigans still hang over the heads of the Cowboys front office. We all know Dak is asking for too much money. We can only hope it doesn’t affect him beginning the 2020 season.


 Round 1 | Round 2 | Round 3 | Round 4 | Round 5

2.01 – Outlaws, Russel Wilson – A

Chris: Wilson has gone behind Kyler Murray in the first two FSA leagues, but has been discussed as being the third QB behind Mahomes and Jackson. Wilson’s talent is there and he still has wheels compared to other QBs. He’s getting a second year with WR DK Metcalf and adds Greg Olsen at TE. Seattle looks to be slowly moving away from the complete run first offense after last year, though the defense didn’t help. Wilson could certainly be at the same level for multiple years.

2.02 – Tuskers, Devante Adams - A+

Chris: Adams is the clear #1 WR in Green Bay and will remain that way. There is a few top tier WRs before a tier break and Adams is certainly in that top tier.

2.03 – Generals, DeAndre Hopkins - A+

Chris: Arguably the #1 WR and going 15th overall is a steal. I would have liked to see him go before Adams, but the youth for Adams is there. The QB situation for Hopkins looks more known with Murray’s age and not having a QB traded up for in the draft behind him.

2.04 – Commanders, Kyler Murray - A

Chris: And there goes Kyler, gone before Wilson in the other drafts. Murray looks like a good value at this stage. With the upgraded weapon of Hopkins, he really could progress from his 10th place finish (QB10) last year.

2.05 – Coyotes, Austin Ekeler - C

Chris: I’m not sure of this pick. Ekeler is expected to be a stud in PPR redraft leagues; however, I’m not so sure of his long-term prospects. This may look different in a year’s time depending on what the Chargers do at RB during that time. However, this early in the draft, I wouldn’t want to be taking this much of a risk.

2.06 – Mountain Lions, Joe Burrow - C

Chris: This is another pick that I am not sure I’m happy with at this stage. Burrow is likely a stud QB in waiting, but there’s value on the board and unfortunately this wasn’t it.

2.07 – Xtreme, Travis Kelce - B-

Chris: There are three TEs in this draft that are leaps and bounds above the rest, Kelce is one of them. But for me he’s third of the three. Kittle and Andrews are still on the board.

2.08 – Federals, Josh Jacobs - B

Chris: A talented RB for sure, Jacobs adds a youth strategy to the Federals with Tua taken in the first. He is a much more standard and better value player taken in this round.

2.09 – All-Americans, George Kittle - A

Chris: Superb value for Kittle at this point. He’s the #1 TE in a TE premium league. The Niners are run heavy, and this was part of their success last season. I don’t see them being as dominant with the run this year and that only benefits Kittle. Kittle is going to be a top TE for years.

2.10 – Gunslingers, Nick Chubb - B

Chris: Chubb is another guy who could be a top end RB, but while the Browns have Hunt rostered, it’s going to prevent him from reaching that ceiling. He’ll remain a low end RB1/high end RB2 for me and I personally have another RB higher on my board along with other players I’d rather have taken at this stage.

2.11 – Claymores, Tyreek Hill - A

Chris: Claymores add some electric pace with Hill here. With his pace and Mahomes quality, Hill is going to get points on points for many years. If both can stay healthy, Hill’s floor is going to be pretty high, and the ceiling will be stupidly high.

2.12 – Hotshots, Aaron Jones - C-

Chris: Jones is far down my draft board at this point. There is at least 5 RBs ahead of him. The fact the Packers still don’t have him as the clear RB1 is worrisome. Jones clearly has the talent, but the confidence from his coaching is not there and that’s not a risk I’m willing to take. There are players at every position I would have rather taken at this point.


 Round 1 | Round 2 | Round 3 | Round 4 | Round 5

3.01 – Outlaws, Clyde Edwards-Helaire - B-

Chris: I like Clyde and his NFL landing spot makes him 10 times more likeable. The concern for him in college was his O-line. He landed on arguably the best team in the NFL right now with a top O-line. There are other players I would have taken here, but honestly, I don’t mind a little reach to get your guy.

3.02 – Tuskers, Julio Jones – B

Brian B: I feel like you can never go wrong when you draft Julio, except maybe in a Dynasty league. Unfortunately, even with a third-round pick, this is still a Dyansty league. Julio is now on the “wrong” side of 30-years-old (31) and will be playing in his 10th season in 2020. The way the rest of the Tuskers’ roster is built, I feel like he might be trying to win in his first season, and then build after 2020. He took proven veterans for his starters and rookies later to build for the future. I am not sure how much of a future Julio has, but the value is decent in the third round.

3.03 – Generals, Joe Mixon - A

Chris: Mixon in the 3rd is a steal (3.01 Alpha/2.05 Bravo). He's one of the most underrated RBs in the league. He was only on the field for 60% of snaps last year, but I would expect that number to increase with Bernard getting over 40%. I would expect Mixon to get at least 70% of the snaps, as the team begins to trust him more.

3.04 – Commanders, Chris Godwin – A

Brian B: Godwin’s numbers from last season proved him to be the #2 WR in this year’s scoring system. Grabbing him as the sixth overall WR and in the third round is criminal! Erica Gutierrez must feel great about this pick. Godwin will be starting his fourth NFL season this year and with arguably the best QB in league history. Godwin’s numbers have improved every single year and even with the ball possibly being spread around more, he will still be a WR1 and probably in the top-5 for the season.

3.05 – Coyotes, Kenyan Drake - B

Chris: I've been a huge fan of Kenyan even during his time in Miami. He is now in a better offense and lit the league up at the end of last year. The offense will be even better with a 2nd year QB and the addition of Hopkins. This offense has every chance to succeed next year. Do I think he will be as good as he was at the back end of last year? No. But even around 80% of that is something I would be happy as having as my RB3 as is the case with this team. I just worry about depth in other positions at this point.

3.06 – Mountain Lions, Jonathan Taylor - C

Brian B: Our second rookie RB comes off the board at 3.06. I love the future of this kid, but I don’t like his NFL landing spot. The Colts already have serviceable RBs on their roster, none of which are very old. Will Indy adopt a RBBC early, which is detrimental in fantasy, or does Taylor become the clear cut #1? I have too many questions to really like this pick.

3.07 – Claymores, JuJu Smith-Schuster - C+

Chris: Tough one to grade here. JuJu looked unreal in his second year with 111 receptions. Then the year after, he regressed back to lower than his rookie numbers, granted he did miss four games. JuJu is clearly talented, but if Ben goes down, well, he has Rudolph behind him.

3.08 – Federals, Mike Evans – A

Brian B: Evans is the other half of what I consider probably the best WR duo in the NFL right now, and this was before that gained Brady as their QB. There will be lots of balls to spread around in 2020. However, I believe both Evans and Godwin will increase their combined 153 receptions from last year and I feel Evans will see the largest increase of the two.

3.09 – All-Americans, Josh Allen - A

Chris: Allen is a young QB who went 2.03 and 2.09 in Alpha and Bravo. To get him late in the third here looks to be clear value. Allen is one of the QBs whose rushing ability really helps his value. Despite having four extra games last year (16 compared to 12 in 2018), Allen had less yards on the ground, but his passing atts/comps and TDs all went up. I really like this pick here.

3.10 – Gunslingers, Daniel Jones – C

Brian B: After grabbing RBs in the first two round, the Gunslingers reached for their QB, and I do mean reached. I feel like there were about 10 other QBs I would have rather had at this position if I was taking a QB. The bonus to Jones is his size and youth in the dynasty format. I hope I eat these words in the next few seasons, but I don’t feel as though I will.

3.11 – All-Americans, Miles Sanders - A

Chris: Sanders is one of the biggest winners following the NFL draft. The Eagles have put full confidence in Sanders and the fact he can be a 3-down back makes him even more valuable. I have Sanders as the 11th RB for dynasty and he goes 14th off the board here, lovely value, especially adding the .5ppr .5fd points awarded in this league.

3.12 – Hotshots, Kenny Golladay – B

Brian B: It is incredibly hard for me to make and assessment on this pick. I haven’t watched Golladay play a single down in the NFL. However, his numbers from 2019 support him as the 7th best WR by this year’s scoring and he was drafted as the 9th WR. He is a big body who will be starting his fourth season, but he is still on the Lions roster. He could be even better than we know, but due to his current landing spot in the NFL, we might not know until his rookie contract is over. I give the pick a ‘B’ for selecting the player you should have picked at that draft position.


 Round 1 | Round 2 | Round 3 | Round 4 | Round 5

4.01 – Hotshots, Amari Cooper - A

Chris: Cooper has the chance to be a huge fantasy asset if he can remain consistent. He has had back-to-back 75+ receptions and 1000+ yard seasons to prove the current consistency, but he seems to blow up in games and be non-existent in the others. Still, I have him as he 6th WR and he goes 10th here. If Cooper can get a better floor, I wouldn't mind losing a little of his ceiling.

4.02 – All-Americans, DJ Moore – B

Brian B: Moore is another player I will have to comment on strictly based on numbers. I know I have watched him play, but he has never done anything to impress me or make himself memorable. Having only played two years in the league, there was no such thing as a sophomore slump for this WR. He amassed 84 receptions for 1155 yards. Both are great numbers, as were his targets of 132. The downside; however, was he only caught 3 TDs. He finished as last years 15th best WR under the 2020 scoring system and was drafted as the 11th overall WR. Another pick where value matches selection.

4.03 – Gunslingers, Odell Beckham, Jr - B

Chris: OBJs talent is arguably up there with the best in the league; however, he's not quite shown that since his injuries. He still has 1000+ yard seasons over the last two years, but his TDs have halved, causing a significant drop in his value. The Browns have added Hooper this year, which unfortunately means, I don't see OBJ getting too much more RZ work.

4.04 – All-Americans, JK Dobbins, - A

Brian B: Dobbins is our third rookie RB off the board. And as much as I dislike Ohio State, I do like this RB. Some may question his landing spot with the Ravens, but I think it adds an amazing upside to their offense. Mark Ingram may start the season as the #1 RB on the team, but I think it will become Dobbins’ spot before the end of 2020. With Ingram maybe becoming the change of pace back, or the fill in for Dobbins when he needs rest, this could become a very deadly RB combo.

4.05 – Federals, Cooper Kupp - A

Chris: I’m a huge fan of Kupp, even have him on my own team (taken 5.07). Kupp's been more than fantasy relevant over the last few years as part of a 1ABC WR system. Cooks is gone and I expect both Kupp and Woods to take on a larger work load this year. I love this pick.

4.06 – Mountain Lions, D’Andre Swift – B

Brian B: Another rookie RB off the board in Round 4. Again, I am not thrilled about his NFL landing spot, but Kerryon Johnson wasn’t getting it done for the Lions, so their pick is understandable. University of Georgia RBs have always impressed me, and I hope Swift is no different. As far as a fantasy back, I feel he might have gone a little early compared to some of the proven backs behind him. However, if he impresses in the NFL, this was a great dynasty pick.

4.07 – Xtreme, Adam Thielen - C

Chris: Not a huge fan of this pick at all with the players available at this point. LA looks to be heading towards a win now approach after taking Kelce previously. There are still other receivers I would have liked to have taken at this point. Thielen missed six games (eight if you include the two he basically did nothing in 0 and 0.20) last year, his health/age is worrisome.

4.08 – Coyotes, Allen Robinson – A

Brian B: Robinson is the definition of the best WR on the worst team. To land this talent at 4.08 is amazing. Although his is going into is 7th season, I have a feeling that Robinson will eventually land on a team that will better utilize his talents. Again, this is a marathon and not a sprint. GM Jared Gordon has to be ecstatic about this pick.

4.09 – Commanders, Devin Singletary - C

Chris: Unfortunately, I feel this is a bit of a reach. I have DS as the 29th RB, and he goes off the board at 18th. DS goes in the 6th and 8th in the other two leagues and I feel there is much more value available at other positions at this point.

4.10 – Mountain Lions, AJ Brown – B

Brian B: Brown had a great rookie season and went off after the team’s bye week. Most of this was due to the change in QBs after Week 6. The Titans spent money to keep QB Ryan Tannehill around and let’s hope that combo continues into 2020 and the future. Brown finished as a bottom end WR2 last year. I predict he will be just outside the WR1 range this year.

4.11 – Tuskers, Todd Gurley - B+

Chris: Gurley's move to ATL looks to have him nailed as a three-down back. Gurley would have been a 1st round pick only 1/2 years ago. Unfortunately, injuries seem to have held him back, though when you look at his stats he still had a productive year. If Gurley gets anywhere near 2018 stats, he will be unreal value at this point of the draft.

4.12 – Outlaws, Raheem Mostert – B

Brian B: Mostert found himself on the heaviest running team in the league last year. However, even with that, he didn’t find consistent numbers until Weeks 12-17. This was due to teammate Tevin Coleman getting the bulk of the carries during the first 11 weeks of the season. Oddly enough, both Mostert and Coleman ended with 137 carries each last year. Mostert is on top of the depth chart as of now. If he gets a full 16 games in as the lead back, he could have even better numbers than last year. He went ahead of a few RBs that I liked better, but this is still a good pick for a team, up to this point, still didn’t have a WR rostered.  


 Round 1 | Round 2 | Round 3 | Round 4 | Round 5

5.01 – Outlaws, Mark Andrews - A+

Brian L: Arguably the third best TE for dynasty, getting him in the fifth is a steal, as demonstrated by going in the 4th in Alpha and Delta and the 3rd in Bravo. Remember, these leagues have a TE premium.

5.02 – Tuskers, Leonard Fournette – B-

Brian L: Solid pick, maybe a hair early.  Needs to improve mightily on 3 total TDs in 2019. Paired on this team with Kamara and Gurley.  This pick and others make this team more “win now” than a strong long-term team.

5.03 – Xtreme, Melvin Gordon – D

Brian L: More than a round earlier than where he was taken in the other three drafts.  A good amount of risk due to mediocre performance last year, a new team and a couple of other viable RBs on the same team.  With the next RBs for this team being Ingram and Howard, the long-term future for this RB room is kind of bleak.

5.04 – Commanders, Stefon Diggs – C

Brian L: Odd coincidence that Diggs went 5.04 in two FSA drafts and 6.03 in the other two.  Alpha and Bravo got bargains. Some risk since now trying to run down errant bombs from Josh Allen.  An up and down start to this team IMO.

5.05 – Coyotes, Carson Wentz - A+

Brian L: Another steal in this round of a Superflex draft, getting a solid QB1 in the fifth.  This is the longest Wentz lasted in an FSA draft.  A solid start overall for the Coyotes, although some risk with the running backs not being established bell cows.

5.06 – Mountain Lions, Chris Carson - D-

Brian L: Carson went with the 54th pick in Charlie, after lasting until 103 in Alpha and 89 in Bravo.  Delta confirmed his value in dynasty, lasting until the 98th pick.  Coming off an injury and always battling questions about his long-term job security, Carson here was a big reach, especially considering the data available from the two prior drafts.  However, the Mountain Lions had been making shrewd, aggressive picks of young players so far, so maybe things turn out fine.

5.07 – Generals, Jimmy Garoppolo - C-

Brian L: Jimmy went with the 35th, 55th, 78th and 101st picks in the four FSA startups. I suspect no player showed this level of inconsistent valuation across the leagues.  Seems like a slight reach; however, a reliable but low passing volume QB in a Superflex. The Generals got MT early, a bargain on DHop and a steal on Mixon prior to Jimmy G, so there is some promise here.

5.08 – Federals, Deebo Samuel – D

Brian L: Passing up on Courtland Sutton and other higher ranked players, the Federals reached some here for a promising wideout that seems to be in a low volume passing attack.  Went at least a round later in the other three FSA drafts.  However, Samuel does at least have youth on his side, something not frequently found on the Federals.

5.09 – Claymores, Baker Mayfield – A

Brian L: Although Baker must improve significantly in his efficiency from 2019, he is a young QB with potential, acquired in Charlie later than in the other three FSA drafts.  Young QBs are golden in a SF dynasty and this was a smart gamble by the Claymores.  Preceded by CMC, Tyreek and JuJu, this team is loaded with young talent.  Then Sutton in the 6th, whew!

5.10 – Gunslingers, CeeDee Lamb - B-

Brian L: A pretty average draft slot for Lamb based on the three other FSA drafts, perhaps the most talented rookie in this year’s rookie class should be a foundation piece for this team for a long time.  No, I didn’t accidentally leave out the word “receiver”.   However, talent does not always equal fantasy value and the landing spot in Dallas hurts Lamb’s value some.  Zeke and Chubb help give stability to this promising team that then loaded up with some very young WRs early.

5.11 – Claymores, Aaron Rodgers – A

Brian L: A screaming bargain compared to his 30th, 33rd and 40th draft slots in the other FSA drafts, A-A-ron still carries some questions after a few years of decline.  All Aaron maybe needed was some new weapons and what the Packers did during the NFL draft was basically a slap in his face.  Paired with Mayfield a mere two picks earlier, the Claymores cross their fingers that these two QBs rebound in a way to lead this strong team to some cash.

5.12 – Hotshots, Zach Ertz - A-

Brian L: A very good deal at the end of the 5th in this TE premium league. The very solid but quietly aging Ertz will be a key for the Hotshots.  Paired with Mahomes, A Jones, Golladay and Cooper, this team should stand toe-to-toe with anyone in 2020.