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Show me the scoring franchises between week and week
Franchise Records
1.The Groovy Zapatos20085400.00
2.Kenny Bania20139193.04
3.Snarky Gators 4- UNPAID201616188.78
4.Roll TIGF-1 - UNPAID201914182.14
5.Magic Bus - UNPAID20184179.60
6.Gluten for Punishment - UNPAID20144178.60
7.Roll TIGF-1 - UNPAID201912178.32
8.Roll TIGF-1 - UNPAID201915176.12
9.Roll TIGF-120185172.80
10.The Fighting Frogs200810171.18
12.Gavinators - UNPAID20191167.48
13.Roll TIGF-1 - UNPAID20158166.14
14.Roll TIGF-1201715166.12
15.Roll TIGF-120184164.56
16.Huston's Haymakers - UNPAID201811163.22
17.Kenny Bania - UNPAID20148162.18
18.Roll TIGF-1201812160.88
19.Roll TIGF-120131160.82
20.Roll TIGF-1201810160.26
21.Gluten for Punishment201315160.22
22.bluewave22 - UNPAID201413160.02
23.Roll TIGF-120173159.72
24.Roll TIGF-1201816159.20
25.Gavinators - UNPAID201414159.06