League Article
2020 League Year is Open!
Straight Cash Dynasty League Article - 2020 League Year is Open!
Welcome to the 2020 League Year of the Straight Cash Dynasty League!

Rosters are Live, Draft order has been set and future Draft picks have been imported. Teams may begin trading immediately.

Franchises will need to complete the following roster cleanup in order to begin Free Agency:

1. Every player on your roster with a "0" or "-1" in the Contract Years field will need to be addressed.
2. These players can be removed from roster with no cap hit, Franchise/Transition Tagged, or Franchise Extended.
3. Players on your Taxi Squad will need to be promoted or dropped. Once promoted, their official contract years will be applied.
4. Drafted Rookies in the last year of their current contract (2017 Draft, Rounds 5-7) will need to be extended or will become UFAs in 2021. Details to follow.

Until further notice, DO NOT DROP players under contract (i.e. with "Years" field of "1" or more). You will have an opportunity to do this prior to Free Agency, but it will cause issues with the current cap settings.


Straight Cash, Homie!
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RFA Player ClaimsFri May 29 2:56:18 p.m. ET 2020
Team Option and Signing BonusThu May 28 1:45:46 a.m. ET 2020
Rookie ExtensionsSat May 16 1:25:59 p.m. ET 2020
2020 Restricted Free Agents - Transition TagFri May 15 11:52:31 p.m. ET 2020
Franchise ExtensionFri May 15 10:12:50 p.m. ET 2020
Franchise TagFri May 15 9:43:02 p.m. ET 2020
Post June-1 CutsThu May 7 5:25:18 a.m. ET 2020
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10 Newest Message Board Topics
RFA Player ClaimsFri May 29 2:56:18 p.m. ET 2020
Team Option and Signing BonusThu May 28 1:45:46 a.m. ET 2020
Rookie ExtensionsSat May 16 1:25:59 p.m. ET 2020
2020 Restricted Free Agents - Transition TagFri May 15 11:52:31 p.m. ET 2020
Franchise ExtensionFri May 15 10:12:50 p.m. ET 2020
Franchise TagFri May 15 9:43:02 p.m. ET 2020
Post June-1 CutsThu May 7 5:25:18 a.m. ET 2020
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Trade Bait
FranchiseWill Give UpLooking ForDate Updated
Dababetes Type II
  • Ballage, Kalen MIA RB
  • Hill, Justice BAL RB
  • Jones, Ronald TBB RB
  • Smith, Ito ATL RB
  • Williams, Jamaal GBP RB
  • Williams, Trayveon CIN RB
  • Harmon, Kelvin WAS WR
  • Njoku, David CLE TE
  • Sternberger, Jace GBP TE
  • Okereke, Bobby IND LB
  • Year 2020 Draft Pick 6.06
  • Year 2020 Draft Pick 6.07
  • Year 2020 Draft Pick 7.10
  • Year 2021 Round 2 Draft Pick from Dababetes Type II
  • Year 2021 Round 2 Draft Pick from Lockett Up
  • Year 2021 Round 3 Draft Pick from Dababetes Type II
  • Year 2021 Round 4 Draft Pick from Dababetes Type II
  • Year 2021 Round 5 Draft Pick from Dababetes Type II
  • Year 2021 Round 7 Draft Pick from Dababetes Type II
  • Year 2022 Round 1 Draft Pick from Dababetes Type II
  • Year 2022 Round 2 Draft Pick from Dababetes Type II
  • Year 2022 Round 2 Draft Pick from WYLD STALLYNS
  • Year 2022 Round 3 Draft Pick from Dababetes Type II
  • Year 2022 Round 4 Draft Pick from Dababetes Type II
  • Year 2022 Round 5 Draft Pick from Dababetes Type II
  • Year 2022 Round 6 Draft Pick from Dababetes Type II
  • Year 2022 Round 7 Draft Pick from Dababetes Type II
  • Year 2023 Round 1 Draft Pick from Dababetes Type II
  • Year 2023 Round 2 Draft Pick from Dababetes Type II
  • Year 2023 Round 3 Draft Pick from Dababetes Type II
  • Year 2023 Round 4 Draft Pick from Dababetes Type II
  • Year 2023 Round 5 Draft Pick from Dababetes Type II
  • Year 2023 Round 6 Draft Pick from Dababetes Type II
  • Year 2023 Round 7 Draft Pick from Dababetes Type II
-Tue May 12 12:39:05 p.m. ET 2020
WYLD STALLYNS-Thu May 7 5:33:16 a.m. ET 2020
The Pterodactyls-Mon May 18 12:26:24 a.m. ET 2020
NWO 4 Life-Tue May 26 7:52:41 a.m. ET 2020
KHunt Kickers-Sat May 23 4:07:50 p.m. ET 2020
My Bye Weeks
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My Players On Bye In Week 1
No Players On My Roster On Bye
Who Should I Start?
Should StartShould BenchPctCount
Allen, Josh BUF QBLock, Drew DEN QB97.20%71
Allen, Josh BUF QBGoff, Jared LAR QB96.60%58
Allen, Josh BUF QBRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB96.60%58
Allen, Josh BUF QBTaylor, Tyrod LAC QB95.60%45
Allen, Josh BUF QBCousins, Kirk MIN QB94.90%59
Allen, Josh BUF QBStafford, Matthew DET QB90.40%52
Allen, Josh BUF QBRodgers, Aaron GBP QB81.40%43
Allen, Josh BUF QBBrady, Tom TBB QB80.70%57
Allen, Josh BUF QBRyan, Matt ATL QB65.20%46
Allen, Josh BUF QBBrees, Drew NOS QB61.70%47
Allen, Josh BUF QBMurray, Kyler ARI QB57.50%40
Allen, Kyle WAS QBNewton, Cam FA* QB57.10%7
Brady, Tom TBB QBStidham, Jarrett NEP QB97.80%89
Brady, Tom TBB QBWinston, Jameis NOS QB97.60%83
Brady, Tom TBB QBFitzpatrick, Ryan MIA QB96.50%57
Brady, Tom TBB QBLock, Drew DEN QB96.10%51
Brady, Tom TBB QBHaskins, Dwayne WAS QB95.90%49
Brady, Tom TBB QBMinshew, Gardner JAC QB95.10%61
Brady, Tom TBB QBRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB93.50%46
Brady, Tom TBB QBTaylor, Tyrod LAC QB93.40%61
Brady, Tom TBB QBGaroppolo, Jimmy SFO QB92.10%76
Brady, Tom TBB QBBurrow, Joe CIN QB90.60%32
Brady, Tom TBB QBRivers, Philip IND QB90.00%60
Brady, Tom TBB QBCousins, Kirk MIN QB84.40%32
Brady, Tom TBB QBJones, Daniel NYG QB83.60%55
Brady, Tom TBB QBMayfield, Baker CLE QB79.70%64
Brady, Tom TBB QBStafford, Matthew DET QB79.50%39
Brady, Tom TBB QBGoff, Jared LAR QB69.40%49
Brady, Tom TBB QBTannehill, Ryan TEN QB60.90%46
Brady, Tom TBB QBRodgers, Aaron GBP QB54.10%37
Brees, Drew NOS QBBridgewater, Teddy CAR QB98.50%135
Brees, Drew NOS QBWinston, Jameis NOS QB98.00%99
Brees, Drew NOS QBHaskins, Dwayne WAS QB97.00%67
Brees, Drew NOS QBStidham, Jarrett NEP QB96.70%60
Brees, Drew NOS QBJones, Daniel NYG QB96.40%55
Brees, Drew NOS QBMayfield, Baker CLE QB94.30%53
Brees, Drew NOS QBTannehill, Ryan TEN QB91.20%57
Brees, Drew NOS QBGoff, Jared LAR QB90.90%55
Brees, Drew NOS QBBrady, Tom TBB QB84.80%46
Brees, Drew NOS QBRodgers, Aaron GBP QB69.70%33
Brees, Drew NOS QBMurray, Kyler ARI QB55.30%38
Brees, Drew NOS QBRyan, Matt ATL QB54.80%31
Bridgewater, Teddy CAR QBBrissett, Jacoby IND QB94.40%36
Bridgewater, Teddy CAR QBHaskins, Dwayne WAS QB93.90%33
Bridgewater, Teddy CAR QBTrubisky, Mitchell CHI QB87.90%33
Bridgewater, Teddy CAR QBFitzpatrick, Ryan MIA QB63.20%19
Bridgewater, Teddy CAR QBStidham, Jarrett NEP QB56.80%37
Bridgewater, Teddy CAR QBTaylor, Tyrod LAC QB52.90%34
Brissett, Jacoby IND QBNewton, Cam FA* QB60.00%5
Burrow, Joe CIN QBTrubisky, Mitchell CHI QB95.20%42
Burrow, Joe CIN QBHaskins, Dwayne WAS QB94.60%37
Burrow, Joe CIN QBFitzpatrick, Ryan MIA QB91.70%24
Burrow, Joe CIN QBTaylor, Tyrod LAC QB70.40%27
Burrow, Joe CIN QBBridgewater, Teddy CAR QB66.70%27
Burrow, Joe CIN QBStidham, Jarrett NEP QB62.10%29
Burrow, Joe CIN QBCarr, Derek LVR QB51.70%29
Carr, Derek LVR QBGrier, Will CAR QB91.70%24
Carr, Derek LVR QBTagovailoa, Tua MIA QB91.70%24
Carr, Derek LVR QBFitzpatrick, Ryan MIA QB90.00%30
Carr, Derek LVR QBStidham, Jarrett NEP QB84.00%25
Carr, Derek LVR QBTaylor, Tyrod LAC QB76.00%25
Carr, Derek LVR QBDarnold, Sam NYJ QB75.00%40
Carr, Derek LVR QBBridgewater, Teddy CAR QB69.00%42
Carr, Derek LVR QBLock, Drew DEN QB59.40%32
Cousins, Kirk MIN QBWinston, Jameis NOS QB96.90%65
Cousins, Kirk MIN QBHaskins, Dwayne WAS QB95.80%48
Cousins, Kirk MIN QBFitzpatrick, Ryan MIA QB94.90%39
Cousins, Kirk MIN QBDarnold, Sam NYJ QB88.20%34
Cousins, Kirk MIN QBTaylor, Tyrod LAC QB87.50%40
Cousins, Kirk MIN QBBurrow, Joe CIN QB86.70%30
Cousins, Kirk MIN QBStidham, Jarrett NEP QB80.00%35
Cousins, Kirk MIN QBRivers, Philip IND QB79.60%49
Cousins, Kirk MIN QBLock, Drew DEN QB72.70%33
Cousins, Kirk MIN QBCarr, Derek LVR QB70.60%34
Cousins, Kirk MIN QBRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB65.00%40
Cousins, Kirk MIN QBMinshew, Gardner JAC QB54.70%53
Darnold, Sam NYJ QBFoles, Nick CHI QB95.10%41
Darnold, Sam NYJ QBTrubisky, Mitchell CHI QB92.60%27
Darnold, Sam NYJ QBFitzpatrick, Ryan MIA QB87.50%24
Darnold, Sam NYJ QBStidham, Jarrett NEP QB71.90%32
Darnold, Sam NYJ QBBridgewater, Teddy CAR QB69.20%39
Darnold, Sam NYJ QBTaylor, Tyrod LAC QB64.30%42
Darnold, Sam NYJ QBBurrow, Joe CIN QB56.70%30
Fitzpatrick, Ryan MIA QBWinston, Jameis NOS QB93.10%29
Fitzpatrick, Ryan MIA QBHaskins, Dwayne WAS QB80.00%20
Fitzpatrick, Ryan MIA QBTagovailoa, Tua MIA QB79.30%29
Fitzpatrick, Ryan MIA QBEason, Jacob IND QB77.80%9
Fitzpatrick, Ryan MIA QBFoles, Nick CHI QB66.70%12
Fitzpatrick, Ryan MIA QBTrubisky, Mitchell CHI QB57.10%7
Foles, Nick CHI QBWinston, Jameis NOS QB81.20%16
Foles, Nick CHI QBBrissett, Jacoby IND QB60.00%10
Foles, Nick CHI QBHerbert, Justin LAC QB50.00%4
Garoppolo, Jimmy SFO QBStidham, Jarrett NEP QB94.10%34
Garoppolo, Jimmy SFO QBBridgewater, Teddy CAR QB93.60%47
Garoppolo, Jimmy SFO QBTagovailoa, Tua MIA QB93.10%29
Garoppolo, Jimmy SFO QBDarnold, Sam NYJ QB89.40%47
Garoppolo, Jimmy SFO QBCarr, Derek LVR QB80.60%36
Garoppolo, Jimmy SFO QBLock, Drew DEN QB80.60%36
Garoppolo, Jimmy SFO QBMinshew, Gardner JAC QB78.40%51
Garoppolo, Jimmy SFO QBRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB77.40%53
Garoppolo, Jimmy SFO QBBurrow, Joe CIN QB76.30%38
Garoppolo, Jimmy SFO QBCousins, Kirk MIN QB66.00%47
Garoppolo, Jimmy SFO QBRivers, Philip IND QB61.90%42
Garoppolo, Jimmy SFO QBStafford, Matthew DET QB53.80%26
Garoppolo, Jimmy SFO QBMayfield, Baker CLE QB51.20%43
Goff, Jared LAR QBAllen, Kyle WAS QB95.50%44
Goff, Jared LAR QBStidham, Jarrett NEP QB93.30%45
Goff, Jared LAR QBCarr, Derek LVR QB92.30%52
Goff, Jared LAR QBHerbert, Justin LAC QB92.30%39
Goff, Jared LAR QBMinshew, Gardner JAC QB91.10%45
Goff, Jared LAR QBLock, Drew DEN QB86.00%43
Goff, Jared LAR QBRivers, Philip IND QB81.80%33
Goff, Jared LAR QBRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB81.50%54
Goff, Jared LAR QBCousins, Kirk MIN QB79.20%48
Goff, Jared LAR QBJones, Daniel NYG QB78.00%59
Goff, Jared LAR QBGaroppolo, Jimmy SFO QB73.20%41
Goff, Jared LAR QBMayfield, Baker CLE QB64.30%42
Goff, Jared LAR QBStafford, Matthew DET QB59.10%44
Haskins, Dwayne WAS QBNewton, Cam FA* QB82.40%17
Haskins, Dwayne WAS QBTagovailoa, Tua MIA QB80.00%15
Haskins, Dwayne WAS QBFoles, Nick CHI QB75.00%8
Herbert, Justin LAC QBFromm, Jake BUF QB71.40%7
Herbert, Justin LAC QBFoles, Nick CHI QB50.00%4
Herbert, Justin LAC QBTagovailoa, Tua MIA QB50.00%8
Jackson, Lamar BAL QBGriffin III, Robert BAL QB98.70%152
Jackson, Lamar BAL QBAllen, Kyle WAS QB96.40%55
Jackson, Lamar BAL QBBrady, Tom TBB QB95.90%49
Jackson, Lamar BAL QBMahomes, Patrick KCC QB78.90%19
Jones, Daniel NYG QBDarnold, Sam NYJ QB95.90%49
Jones, Daniel NYG QBTagovailoa, Tua MIA QB94.70%38
Jones, Daniel NYG QBBridgewater, Teddy CAR QB93.80%48
Jones, Daniel NYG QBStidham, Jarrett NEP QB89.30%56
Jones, Daniel NYG QBTaylor, Tyrod LAC QB87.80%41
Jones, Daniel NYG QBCarr, Derek LVR QB78.40%37
Jones, Daniel NYG QBBurrow, Joe CIN QB77.30%22
Jones, Daniel NYG QBLock, Drew DEN QB73.50%49
Jones, Daniel NYG QBMinshew, Gardner JAC QB68.50%54
Jones, Daniel NYG QBRivers, Philip IND QB66.70%39
Jones, Daniel NYG QBRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB66.70%60
Jones, Daniel NYG QBCousins, Kirk MIN QB63.30%49
Jones, Daniel NYG QBGaroppolo, Jimmy SFO QB54.10%37
Jones, Daniel NYG QBMayfield, Baker CLE QB53.50%43
Lock, Drew DEN QBBrissett, Jacoby IND QB93.10%29
Lock, Drew DEN QBTagovailoa, Tua MIA QB93.10%29
Lock, Drew DEN QBNewton, Cam FA* QB92.70%41
Lock, Drew DEN QBFitzpatrick, Ryan MIA QB90.00%30
Lock, Drew DEN QBTrubisky, Mitchell CHI QB90.00%40
Lock, Drew DEN QBStidham, Jarrett NEP QB81.60%38
Lock, Drew DEN QBBridgewater, Teddy CAR QB79.50%44
Lock, Drew DEN QBTaylor, Tyrod LAC QB75.00%20
Lock, Drew DEN QBBurrow, Joe CIN QB63.20%19
Lock, Drew DEN QBDarnold, Sam NYJ QB59.50%37
Lock, Drew DEN QBRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB54.30%35
Mahomes, Patrick KCC QBWinston, Jameis NOS QB97.50%79
Mahomes, Patrick KCC QBRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB97.30%73
Mahomes, Patrick KCC QBAllen, Josh BUF QB95.00%40
Mayfield, Baker CLE QBNewton, Cam FA* QB97.00%66
Mayfield, Baker CLE QBTagovailoa, Tua MIA QB95.70%47
Mayfield, Baker CLE QBDarnold, Sam NYJ QB95.00%40
Mayfield, Baker CLE QBFitzpatrick, Ryan MIA QB93.00%43
Mayfield, Baker CLE QBBridgewater, Teddy CAR QB91.80%49
Mayfield, Baker CLE QBGriffin III, Robert BAL QB91.70%24
Mayfield, Baker CLE QBTaylor, Tyrod LAC QB87.70%57
Mayfield, Baker CLE QBStidham, Jarrett NEP QB86.30%51
Mayfield, Baker CLE QBBurrow, Joe CIN QB76.20%21
Mayfield, Baker CLE QBMinshew, Gardner JAC QB73.30%45
Mayfield, Baker CLE QBLock, Drew DEN QB67.60%37
Mayfield, Baker CLE QBRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB66.70%48
Mayfield, Baker CLE QBCarr, Derek LVR QB66.00%50
Mayfield, Baker CLE QBRivers, Philip IND QB57.40%47
Mayfield, Baker CLE QBCousins, Kirk MIN QB53.70%54
Minshew, Gardner JAC QBFoles, Nick CHI QB96.70%60
Minshew, Gardner JAC QBHaskins, Dwayne WAS QB96.00%50
Minshew, Gardner JAC QBTagovailoa, Tua MIA QB92.00%25
Minshew, Gardner JAC QBStidham, Jarrett NEP QB79.20%24
Minshew, Gardner JAC QBBridgewater, Teddy CAR QB76.70%30
Minshew, Gardner JAC QBDarnold, Sam NYJ QB72.10%43
Minshew, Gardner JAC QBBurrow, Joe CIN QB64.30%28
Minshew, Gardner JAC QBCarr, Derek LVR QB62.50%40
Minshew, Gardner JAC QBLock, Drew DEN QB60.00%50
Minshew, Gardner JAC QBRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB51.90%54
Murray, Kyler ARI QBCarr, Derek LVR QB97.50%80
Murray, Kyler ARI QBTannehill, Ryan TEN QB97.10%70
Murray, Kyler ARI QBLock, Drew DEN QB97.10%69
Murray, Kyler ARI QBMayfield, Baker CLE QB96.20%53
Murray, Kyler ARI QBRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB93.30%60
Murray, Kyler ARI QBJones, Daniel NYG QB92.90%42
Murray, Kyler ARI QBGriffin III, Robert BAL QB90.60%32
Murray, Kyler ARI QBGaroppolo, Jimmy SFO QB90.00%50
Murray, Kyler ARI QBRivers, Philip IND QB88.50%61
Murray, Kyler ARI QBGoff, Jared LAR QB88.40%43
Murray, Kyler ARI QBRodgers, Aaron GBP QB85.70%28
Murray, Kyler ARI QBBrady, Tom TBB QB75.60%45
Murray, Kyler ARI QBRyan, Matt ATL QB70.30%37
Murray, Kyler ARI QBWentz, Carson PHI QB59.50%37
Prescott, Dak DAL QBLock, Drew DEN QB97.40%77
Prescott, Dak DAL QBGoff, Jared LAR QB96.20%52
Prescott, Dak DAL QBBrady, Tom TBB QB95.70%47
Prescott, Dak DAL QBAllen, Josh BUF QB93.30%30
Prescott, Dak DAL QBRodgers, Aaron GBP QB92.50%40
Prescott, Dak DAL QBMurray, Kyler ARI QB86.70%30
Prescott, Dak DAL QBBrees, Drew NOS QB81.40%43
Prescott, Dak DAL QBWentz, Carson PHI QB76.90%26
Prescott, Dak DAL QBWilson, Russell SEA QB63.00%27
Rivers, Philip IND QBWinston, Jameis NOS QB95.10%41
Rivers, Philip IND QBHaskins, Dwayne WAS QB94.60%37
Rivers, Philip IND QBEason, Jacob IND QB92.90%28
Rivers, Philip IND QBHerbert, Justin LAC QB92.60%27
Rivers, Philip IND QBTagovailoa, Tua MIA QB90.90%22
Rivers, Philip IND QBTrubisky, Mitchell CHI QB90.30%31
Rivers, Philip IND QBBridgewater, Teddy CAR QB87.50%32
Rivers, Philip IND QBStidham, Jarrett NEP QB86.20%29
Rivers, Philip IND QBTaylor, Tyrod LAC QB76.30%59
Rivers, Philip IND QBBurrow, Joe CIN QB70.80%24
Rivers, Philip IND QBDarnold, Sam NYJ QB64.90%37
Rivers, Philip IND QBLock, Drew DEN QB60.50%38
Rivers, Philip IND QBCarr, Derek LVR QB55.00%40
Rivers, Philip IND QBRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB54.50%44
Rivers, Philip IND QBMinshew, Gardner JAC QB53.30%45
Rodgers, Aaron GBP QBHill, Taysom NOS QB96.80%62
Rodgers, Aaron GBP QBStidham, Jarrett NEP QB96.20%53
Rodgers, Aaron GBP QBDarnold, Sam NYJ QB95.70%70
Rodgers, Aaron GBP QBRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB95.00%60
Rodgers, Aaron GBP QBMinshew, Gardner JAC QB94.30%53
Rodgers, Aaron GBP QBCousins, Kirk MIN QB94.30%35
Rodgers, Aaron GBP QBBurrow, Joe CIN QB92.70%41
Rodgers, Aaron GBP QBGaroppolo, Jimmy SFO QB92.50%40
Rodgers, Aaron GBP QBLock, Drew DEN QB91.10%45
Rodgers, Aaron GBP QBStafford, Matthew DET QB88.60%44
Rodgers, Aaron GBP QBJones, Daniel NYG QB86.00%50
Rodgers, Aaron GBP QBTannehill, Ryan TEN QB73.20%41
Rodgers, Aaron GBP QBGoff, Jared LAR QB72.70%33
Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QBTrubisky, Mitchell CHI QB94.40%36
Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QBBridgewater, Teddy CAR QB93.20%44
Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QBFitzpatrick, Ryan MIA QB86.70%60
Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QBTaylor, Tyrod LAC QB79.10%43
Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QBStidham, Jarrett NEP QB78.40%37
Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QBDarnold, Sam NYJ QB74.00%50
Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QBBurrow, Joe CIN QB70.00%30
Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QBCarr, Derek LVR QB51.90%52
Ryan, Matt ATL QBRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB96.80%63
Ryan, Matt ATL QBStidham, Jarrett NEP QB96.60%59
Ryan, Matt ATL QBLock, Drew DEN QB96.60%59
Ryan, Matt ATL QBJones, Daniel NYG QB96.40%55
Ryan, Matt ATL QBGaroppolo, Jimmy SFO QB95.80%48
Ryan, Matt ATL QBRivers, Philip IND QB95.20%62
Ryan, Matt ATL QBGoff, Jared LAR QB94.90%39
Ryan, Matt ATL QBStafford, Matthew DET QB94.30%53
Ryan, Matt ATL QBLove, Jordan GBP QB93.50%31
Ryan, Matt ATL QBCousins, Kirk MIN QB88.90%45
Ryan, Matt ATL QBTannehill, Ryan TEN QB84.30%70
Ryan, Matt ATL QBBrady, Tom TBB QB73.20%41
Ryan, Matt ATL QBRodgers, Aaron GBP QB58.60%29
Ryan, Matt ATL QBWentz, Carson PHI QB50.00%28
Stafford, Matthew DET QBHaskins, Dwayne WAS QB96.60%58
Stafford, Matthew DET QBNewton, Cam FA* QB96.10%76
Stafford, Matthew DET QBWinston, Jameis NOS QB96.10%76
Stafford, Matthew DET QBFitzpatrick, Ryan MIA QB95.80%48
Stafford, Matthew DET QBBridgewater, Teddy CAR QB90.90%55
Stafford, Matthew DET QBTaylor, Tyrod LAC QB88.90%45
Stafford, Matthew DET QBBurrow, Joe CIN QB87.50%24
Stafford, Matthew DET QBMinshew, Gardner JAC QB86.00%43
Stafford, Matthew DET QBEason, Jacob IND QB85.70%14
Stafford, Matthew DET QBLock, Drew DEN QB84.80%46
Stafford, Matthew DET QBRivers, Philip IND QB75.00%44
Stafford, Matthew DET QBRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB74.10%54
Stafford, Matthew DET QBCousins, Kirk MIN QB74.00%50
Stafford, Matthew DET QBCarr, Derek LVR QB69.20%39
Stafford, Matthew DET QBMayfield, Baker CLE QB69.00%42
Stafford, Matthew DET QBJones, Daniel NYG QB68.10%47
Stidham, Jarrett NEP QBHaskins, Dwayne WAS QB90.90%22
Stidham, Jarrett NEP QBHerbert, Justin LAC QB89.50%19
Stidham, Jarrett NEP QBTrubisky, Mitchell CHI QB88.00%25
Stidham, Jarrett NEP QBFitzpatrick, Ryan MIA QB75.00%24
Stidham, Jarrett NEP QBTaylor, Tyrod LAC QB68.80%16
Stidham, Jarrett NEP QBTagovailoa, Tua MIA QB63.20%19
Tagovailoa, Tua MIA QBFoles, Nick CHI QB77.80%9
Tagovailoa, Tua MIA QBTrubisky, Mitchell CHI QB61.10%18
Tagovailoa, Tua MIA QBHerbert, Justin LAC QB50.00%8
Tannehill, Ryan TEN QBWinston, Jameis NOS QB97.60%85
Tannehill, Ryan TEN QBHaskins, Dwayne WAS QB95.80%48
Tannehill, Ryan TEN QBStidham, Jarrett NEP QB94.40%36
Tannehill, Ryan TEN QBCarr, Derek LVR QB93.20%44
Tannehill, Ryan TEN QBDarnold, Sam NYJ QB92.30%52
Tannehill, Ryan TEN QBMinshew, Gardner JAC QB92.00%50
Tannehill, Ryan TEN QBTaylor, Tyrod LAC QB89.80%49
Tannehill, Ryan TEN QBBridgewater, Teddy CAR QB89.30%56
Tannehill, Ryan TEN QBLock, Drew DEN QB83.80%37
Tannehill, Ryan TEN QBRivers, Philip IND QB81.70%60
Tannehill, Ryan TEN QBBurrow, Joe CIN QB80.60%36
Tannehill, Ryan TEN QBGaroppolo, Jimmy SFO QB75.00%32
Tannehill, Ryan TEN QBCousins, Kirk MIN QB72.50%51
Tannehill, Ryan TEN QBMayfield, Baker CLE QB71.10%45
Tannehill, Ryan TEN QBRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB70.00%80
Tannehill, Ryan TEN QBStafford, Matthew DET QB66.10%59
Tannehill, Ryan TEN QBJones, Daniel NYG QB62.20%37
Tannehill, Ryan TEN QBGoff, Jared LAR QB51.00%51
Taylor, Tyrod LAC QBWinston, Jameis NOS QB92.00%25
Taylor, Tyrod LAC QBHerbert, Justin LAC QB90.20%41
Taylor, Tyrod LAC QBHaskins, Dwayne WAS QB88.20%34
Taylor, Tyrod LAC QBTrubisky, Mitchell CHI QB86.70%15
Taylor, Tyrod LAC QBFitzpatrick, Ryan MIA QB84.60%26
Taylor, Tyrod LAC QBGriffin III, Robert BAL QB81.80%11
Trubisky, Mitchell CHI QBWinston, Jameis NOS QB87.50%16
Trubisky, Mitchell CHI QBAllen, Kyle WAS QB81.80%11
Trubisky, Mitchell CHI QBFoles, Nick CHI QB77.10%35
Trubisky, Mitchell CHI QBHaskins, Dwayne WAS QB73.70%19
Trubisky, Mitchell CHI QBNewton, Cam FA* QB62.50%16
Watson, Deshaun HOU QBWentz, Carson PHI QB94.70%38
Watson, Deshaun HOU QBBrady, Tom TBB QB93.90%49
Watson, Deshaun HOU QBAllen, Josh BUF QB88.40%43
Watson, Deshaun HOU QBBrees, Drew NOS QB82.90%41
Watson, Deshaun HOU QBMurray, Kyler ARI QB75.00%28
Watson, Deshaun HOU QBWilson, Russell SEA QB68.80%16
Watson, Deshaun HOU QBPrescott, Dak DAL QB55.90%34
Wentz, Carson PHI QBJones, Daniel NYG QB97.20%71
Wentz, Carson PHI QBBridgewater, Teddy CAR QB97.00%67
Wentz, Carson PHI QBHill, Taysom NOS QB96.90%65
Wentz, Carson PHI QBRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB96.80%63
Wentz, Carson PHI QBCarr, Derek LVR QB96.40%56
Wentz, Carson PHI QBBurrow, Joe CIN QB95.10%41
Wentz, Carson PHI QBMayfield, Baker CLE QB94.60%56
Wentz, Carson PHI QBRivers, Philip IND QB94.40%54
Wentz, Carson PHI QBStafford, Matthew DET QB92.30%39
Wentz, Carson PHI QBTannehill, Ryan TEN QB87.30%79
Wentz, Carson PHI QBBrady, Tom TBB QB75.00%40
Wentz, Carson PHI QBRodgers, Aaron GBP QB68.80%32
Wentz, Carson PHI QBAllen, Josh BUF QB53.40%58
Wentz, Carson PHI QBBrees, Drew NOS QB51.20%41
Wentz, Carson PHI QBRyan, Matt ATL QB50.00%28
Wilson, Russell SEA QBDarnold, Sam NYJ QB96.70%61
Wilson, Russell SEA QBTannehill, Ryan TEN QB96.50%57
Wilson, Russell SEA QBAllen, Josh BUF QB89.20%37
Wilson, Russell SEA QBMurray, Kyler ARI QB88.00%25
Wilson, Russell SEA QBBrees, Drew NOS QB87.90%33
Wilson, Russell SEA QBWentz, Carson PHI QB72.40%29
Winston, Jameis NOS QBNewton, Cam FA* QB77.80%9
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Featured Articles
THE VERDICT: RB David Johnson, HOU – Rebound Stud or Overvalued Dud?
Gary Davenport (FantasySharks) published May 26, 2020

Johnson, David HOU RB
David Johnson

The biggest fantasy personnel move of the 2020 offseason was no doubt the trade that sent superstar wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins to the Arizona Cardinals. But there was a flip side to that move — as part of their compensation, the Houston Texans received tailback David Johnson in return.

There was a time when that move would have been an earth-shatterer in fantasy football. Back in 2016 Johnson was the No. 1 running back in PPR fantasy points by a massive margin. In the years since though, Johnson’s production has fallen off a cliff — to the point that Johnson lost his starting job in the desert last year to Kenyan Drake.

Still, the Texans saw enough in Johnson that they included him in a trade that sent the best (More...)

Fantasy Recap - Game Of The Week
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Fantasy Preview - Game Of The Week
NWO 4 Life at The Poop Swatches

(MyFantasyLeague.com Fantasy Times Sources - Sep 15, 2020) Coming up in a week 1 Straight Cash Dynasty League classic, the - NWO 4 Life play the - The Poop Swatches.

"We don't play these games on paper," NWO 4 Life coach Sean Noden said.

"We should stick to the fundamentals," The Poop Swatches coach Michael Hauptman said.

This is the first game between these two franchises in 2020, and is sure to be a classic showdown.

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Monthly Calendar
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  • Auction starts at 12:00 p.m.
League Reports
10 Newest Transactions
# Franchise TypeTransactionDate
1Dababetes Type II / Lockett UpTrade Sat May 30 6:56:55 p.m. ET 2020
2Cucamonga Cracker KillersAdd/Drop Mon May 25 9:55:11 p.m. ET 2020
3KHunt KickersAdd/Drop Sun May 24 11:31:30 p.m. ET 2020
4KHunt Kickers / The Poop SwatchesTrade
  • KHunt Kickers gave up Year 2020 Draft Pick 1.07; Year 2021 Round 1 Draft Pick from KHunt Kickers
  • The Poop Swatches gave up Year 2020 Draft Pick 1.03; Year 2020 Draft Pick 2.03
Sun May 24 9:56:48 a.m. ET 2020
5Dababetes Type II / Cucamonga Cracker KillersTrade Sat May 23 1:38:57 p.m. ET 2020
6KHunt KickersAdd/Drop Sat May 23 8:34:08 a.m. ET 2020
7KHunt KickersAdd/Drop Thu May 21 8:53:21 p.m. ET 2020
8The PterodactylsAdd/Drop Sat May 16 11:38:06 a.m. ET 2020
9The PterodactylsAdd/Drop Fri May 15 11:59:32 p.m. ET 2020
10The PterodactylsAdd/Drop Fri May 15 11:58:36 p.m. ET 2020
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Week 1 NFL Schedule
Thu Sep 10 8:20:00 p.m. ET 2020
(Box Score)
Sun Sep 13 1:00:00 p.m. ET 2020
(Box Score)
(Box Score)
(Box Score)
(Box Score)
(Box Score)
(Box Score)
(Box Score)
(Box Score)
(Box Score)
Sun Sep 13 4:05:00 p.m. ET 2020
(Box Score)
Sun Sep 13 4:25:00 p.m. ET 2020
(Box Score)
(Box Score)
Sun Sep 13 8:20:00 p.m. ET 2020
(Box Score)
Mon Sep 14 7:15:00 p.m. ET 2020
(Box Score)
Mon Sep 14 10:10:00 p.m. ET 2020
(Box Score)
Bye Weeks
Power Rankings
  All-Play Record
Franchise W-L-T PF PP Eff Bench Points Max PF Min PF Coulda Won Woulda Lost Power Rank Alternate Power Rank W L T Pct
WYLD STALLYNS--00.0%0.00000.000.0000.000
NWO 4 Life--0.0%0.00000.000.0000.000
Lockett Up--00.0%0.00000.000.0000.000
The Brandon Administration--00.0%0.00000.000.0000.000
Mr. Chip Douglas--00.0%0.00000.000.0000.000
The Poop Swatches--00.0%0.00000.000.0000.000
Dababetes Type II--00.0%0.00000.000.0000.000
The Pterodactyls--00.0%0.00000.000.0000.000
Cucamonga Cracker Killers--00.0%0.00000.000.0000.000
KHunt Kickers--00.0%0.00000.000.0000.000
Weekly Summary
Franchise/Week 1 PF
Dababetes Type II0.00 0.00
The Pterodactyls0.00 0.00
NWO 4 Life0.00 0.00
Lockett Up0.00 0.00
The Brandon Administration0.00 0.00
KHunt Kickers0.00 0.00
The Poop Swatches0.00 0.00
Mr. Chip Douglas0.00 0.00
Cucamonga Cracker Killers0.00 0.00
Week 1 Head-To-Head Matchups
NWO 4 LifeEven
The Poop Swatches
Dababetes Type IIEven
Mr. Chip Douglas
The PterodactylsEven
Cucamonga Cracker Killers
Lockett UpEven
The Brandon AdministrationEven
KHunt Kickers
Week 1: Starting Lineups - Fantasy Preview
Week 1 Head-To-Head Results
NWO 4 Life0.00
The Poop Swatches0.00
Dababetes Type II0.00
Mr. Chip Douglas0.00
The Pterodactyls0.00
Cucamonga Cracker Killers0.00
Lockett Up0.00
The Brandon Administration0.00
KHunt Kickers0.00

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On Sat Jun 20 12:00:00 p.m. ET 2020
In About 20 days, 16 hours, 40 minutes
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1.01Dababetes Type IINext Pick
1.02Mr. Chip Douglas  
1.03KHunt Kickers  
1.04Lockett Up  
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1.06Lockett Up  
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Current Auctions
PlayerHigh BidHigh BidderOver In
Saints, New Orleans NOS Off$950,000NWO 4 Life1 day, 8 hours, 14 minutes
King, Kevin GBP CB$2,110,000Cucamonga Cracker Killers1 day, 14 hours, 27 minutes
Harris, Erik LVR S$1,510,000Cucamonga Cracker Killers1 day, 14 hours, 27 minutes
Fuller, Kendall WAS CB$450,000WYLD STALLYNS1 day, 15 hours, 39 minutes
Coleman, Justin DET CB$450,000WYLD STALLYNS1 day, 15 hours, 40 minutes
Smith, Preston GBP LB$1,250,000Lockett Up1 day, 19 hours, 24 minutes
Davis, Todd DEN LB$4,610,000Lockett Up1 day, 19 hours, 27 minutes
Eagles, Philadelphia PHI Off$960,000NWO 4 Life1 day, 20 hours, 22 minutes
Jack, Myles JAC LB$7,510,000Mr. Chip Douglas1 day, 21 hours, 37 minutes
Judon, Matt BAL LB$1,250,000KHunt Kickers1 day, 21 hours, 38 minutes
Pierre-Paul, Jason TBB DE$2,010,000The Pterodactyls1 day, 22 hours, 56 minutes
Gould, Robbie SFO PK$450,000Dababetes Type II2 days, 1 hour, 50 minutes
Cobb, Randall HOU WR$2,160,000The Brandon Administration2 days, 2 hours, 28 minutes
Vigil, Nick LAC LB$4,510,000The Brandon Administration2 days, 2 hours, 28 minutes
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#6 Seed      
  Winner of Game #3  
#2 Seed   
Playoff Bracket
3rd Place Game
Week 16 3rd Place
Loser of Game #3 From Playoffs Bracket  
  3rd Place
Loser of Game #4 From Playoffs Bracket  
League Champions

Straight Cash Dynasty League Champions


Dababetes Type II


Lockett Up


Dababetes Type II


Lockett Up

League History
Season Records
1. The Brandon Administration 2018 9703817.42 3641.66
2. Dababetes Type II 2019 13303803.06 3269.96
3. Lockett Up 2018 12403798.13 3504.6
4. Odell Blows Jungle Cock 2016 11503790.3 3270.34
5. NWO 4 Life 2018 9703767.59 3626.1
6. The Pterodactyls 2018 8803733.4 3596.56
7. NWO 4 Life 2019 10503700.37 3184.14
8. WYLD STALLYNS 2019 11503654.33 3098.92
9. The Pterodactyls 2019 12303607.83 3040.28
10. Dababetes Type II 2018 6803557.66 3137.03
All Season Records
League Champions
1.Dababetes Type II
1.Lockett Up
2.The Brandon Administration
1.Dababetes Type II
2.NWO 4 Life
1.Lockett Up
2.The Poop Swatches
3.Mr. Chip Douglas
Player Records
1.1.Trubisky, Mitchell CHI QB20184Free Agent54.46
2.2.Rodgers, Aaron GBP QB20197Mr. Chip Douglas - S52.76
3.3.Fitzpatrick, Ryan TBB QB20181Free Agent50.28
4.4.Brees, Drew NOS QB201914The Pterodactyls - S50.06
5.5.Bell, Le'Veon PIT RB201614Odell Blows Jungle Cock - S49.80
6.6.Wagner, Bobby SEA LB201813Mr. Chip Douglas - S48.90
7.7.Henry, Derrick TEN RB201814WYLD STALLYNS - NS48.30
8.8.Goff, Jared LAR QB20184The Brandon Administration - NS48.30
9.9.Mahomes, Patrick KCC QB20182The Poop Swatches - S47.84
10.10.Watson, Deshaun HOU QB20195NWO 4 Life - S47.74
All Player Records
Record Streaks
#FranchiseYearStart WeekStreak LengthStreak Type
1.Odell Blows Jungle Cock201687Winning
2.Lockett Up201887Winning
3.WYLD STALLYNS201977Winning
4.Cucamonga Cracker Killers201937Losing
5.NWO 4 Life201796Losing
6.Lockett Up201786Losing
7.The Pterodactyls201776Winning
8.The Pterodactyls201856Winning
9.NWO 4 Life201916Winning
10.The Pterodactyls201966Winning
All Record Streaks
League Awards
SeasonAward TitleFranchiseComments
2019 League ChampionDababetes Type II
2019 Second Place OverallWYLD STALLYNS
2018 League ChampionLockett Up
2018 Second Place OverallThe Brandon Administration
2017 League ChampionDababetes Type II
2017 Second Place OverallNWO 4 Life
2016 League ChampionLockett Up
2016 Second Place OverallThe Poop Swatches
2016 Third Place OverallMr. Chip Douglas
Top Player Chart
Most Added Players
RankPlayerBye WeekRosterPct Added
1Begelton, Reggie GBP WR FA6.97
2Hasty, JaMycal SFO RB (R) FA5.38
3Reed, Joe LAC WR (R) FA4.17
4Watkins, Quez PHI WR (R) FA4.09
5Proche, James BAL WR (R) FA4.04
6Thomas, Jeff NEP WR (R) FA4.02
7Coulter, Isaiah HOU WR (R) FA3.84
8Robinson, James JAC RB (R) FA3.79
9Warren, Michael PHI RB (R) FA3.69
10Davis, Gabriel BUF WR (R) FA3.67
11Hightower, John PHI WR (R) FA3.64
12Hodgins, Isaiah BUF WR (R) FA3.60
13Calais, Raymond TBB RB (R) FA3.60
14Hill, K.J. LAC WR (R) FA3.57
15Johnson, Collin JAC WR (R) FA3.57
16Ahmed, Salvon SFO RB (R) FA3.42
17Moss, Thaddeus WAS TE (R) (Q)FA3.42
18Mooney, Darnell CHI WR (R) FA3.32
19Hoyer, Brian NEP QB FA3.32
20Hopkins, Brycen LAR TE (R) FA3.27

Hint: Percentages are based on total leagues that performed add/drops during the period. The Bye Week column indicates players comming off a bye week, so they are more likely to be added this week.

All Most Added

Most Dropped Players
RankPlayerBye WeekRosterPct Dropped
1Thomas, Demaryius FA WR (Q)FA5.33
2Williams, Jonathan FA RB FA5.21
3Gabriel, Taylor FA WR (Q)FA4.96
4Scarbrough, Bo DET RB FA4.74
5Laird, Patrick MIA RB FA4.49
6Walker, Delanie FA TE (Q)FA4.26
7Williams, Darrel KCC RB (Q)FA3.97
8Hollister, Jacob SEA TE FA3.97
9Williams, Dexter GBP RB FA3.94
10Johnson, Ty DET RB The Brandon Administration3.82
11Miller, Lamar FA RB (Q)FA3.74
12Hamilton, DaeSean DEN WR FA3.60
13Reed, Jordan FA TE FA3.57
14Ballage, Kalen MIA RB Dababetes Type II3.52
15McCoy, LeSean FA RB The Pterodactyls3.50
16Richardson, Paul FA WR (Q)FA3.45
17Barber, Peyton WAS RB Cucamonga Cracker Killers3.40
18Wilkins, Jordan IND RB (Q)Mr. Chip Douglas3.32
19Jones, Zay LVR WR FA3.27
20Ajayi, Jay FA RB FA3.22

Hint: Percentages are based on total leagues that performed add/drops during the period. The Bye Week column indicates players going to a bye week, so they are more likely to be dropped this week.

All Most Dropped

Most Started Players
RankPlayerBye WeekRosterPct Started
1Elliott, Ezekiel DAL RB The Brandon Administration99.25
2Cook, Dalvin MIN RB The Pterodactyls99.03
3Barkley, Saquon NYG RB Lockett Up99.01
4Kelce, Travis KCC TE WYLD STALLYNS98.81
5Adams, Davante GBP WR Mr. Chip Douglas98.66
6Hill, Tyreek KCC WR The Pterodactyls98.64
7Hopkins, DeAndre ARI WR The Brandon Administration98.55
8Jackson, Lamar BAL QB Dababetes Type II98.44
9Thomas, Michael NOS WR Dababetes Type II98.42
10Jones, Julio ATL WR The Pterodactyls98.40
11Henry, Derrick TEN RB WYLD STALLYNS98.24
12Kamara, Alvin NOS RB Mr. Chip Douglas98.22
13McCaffrey, Christian CAR RB WYLD STALLYNS98.19
14Kittle, George SFO TE The Brandon Administration97.76
15Godwin, Chris TBB WR (Q)Dababetes Type II97.65
16Leonard, Darius IND LB WYLD STALLYNS97.52
17Mahomes, Patrick KCC QB The Poop Swatches97.31
18Hunter, Danielle MIN DE NWO 4 Life97.29
19Jacobs, Josh LVR RB (Q)Dababetes Type II97.07
20Sanders, Miles PHI RB (Q)WYLD STALLYNS97.03

Hint: Percentages are based on total leagues submitted lineups during the period. The Bye Week column indicates players going to a bye week, so they are less likely to be started this week.

All Most Started

Most Owned Free Agents
RankPlayerBye WeekRosterPct Owned
1Carr, Derek LVR QB FA81.97
2Smith, Jonnu TEN TE FA76.12
3Trubisky, Mitchell CHI QB (Q)FA75.08
4Cobb, Randall HOU WR FA74.23
5Herndon, Chris NYJ TE (Q)FA67.78
6Dissly, Will SEA TE (Q)FA66.81
7Graham, Jimmy CHI TE FA65.91
8Eifert, Tyler JAC TE FA65.83
9Haskins, Dwayne WAS QB (Q)FA65.46
10Edwards, Gus BAL RB FA65.10
11Pascal, Zach IND WR FA65.08
12Fitzpatrick, Ryan MIA QB FA64.96
13Brissett, Jacoby IND QB FA63.17
14McDonald, Vance PIT TE FA61.33
15Bernard, Giovani CIN RB FA60.81
16Dalton, Andy DAL QB FA59.76
17Agholor, Nelson LVR WR FA59.04
18Amendola, Danny DET WR FA58.45
19Brate, Cameron TBB TE FA57.85
20Witten, Jason LVR TE FA56.54

Hint: Percentages are based on total leagues had rosters during the period. The Bye Week column indicates players going to a bye week, so they are more likely to be dropped this week.

All Most Owned

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Top 20 Busts
Steals and Busts Are Displayed After Week 1 Results Are Final.
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